Waiver of Liability & Participant’s Declaration
  • I hereby acknowledge and agree that by registering and participating in KK CITY XMULTISPORT CHALLENGE 2023;
  • I am aware that the event is an endurance event and participating in it would carry some inherent risks that may result in accidents, personal injuries or death and that I am undertaking such risks voluntarily and at my own risk;
  • I have consulted a medical doctor prior to registration for the event and have the necessary level of fitness to complete the event safely and will notify the event organiser in event of any change in medical condition, fitness or ability to participate; I agree to comply with the rules and regulations set by the event organiser and Malaysia Triathlon and its Technical Officials and acknowledge that failure to do so would result in not being allowed to participate or complete the race entered without any refund;
  • I am aware that if I am using a Time Trial Bike for the event, I will not hold the organiser X Multisport Event, the organising committee and partners responsible for any claims and against all loss, actions, demands, claims, charges, damages whatsoever in respect of any injury sustained during the race. I fully understand that by using a time trial bicycle I will not be allowed to draft due to safety reasons and will be disqualified;
  • Not to hold liable, claim, demand, or institute proceedings against the event organiser, Malaysia Triathlon, and their respective officials (including the Technical Delegate, Assistant Technical Delegate and other Technical Officials) in respect of any accidents, injuries or loss of life whatsoever as a result of then entrant’s participation in the event and will indemnify the said parties from any such liabilities, claims, damages losses, demands, costs and expenses arose from such claims, demands or proceedings whether instituted by the entrant or on the entrant’s behalf or by any third party;
  • I acknowledge and agree that the event organiser alters any part of race course or cancel any segment of the race or the entire race in event of unfavourable weather or hazardous conditions or unavoidable reasons beyond the control of the event organiser (force majeure) no claims would be made against the event organiser or Malaysia Triathlon.
  • I further acknowledge and agree that Malaysia Triathlon has sanctioned the event based on the documents and plans submitted by the event organiser and shall not claim against Malaysia Triathlon or any of its officials if the event organiser fails to execute the event in accordance with the submitted plans.